Thread with a Neighbor Nazi…

…who once defended Hitler as being “misunderstood” due to “environmental circumstances” so he said I couldn’t use the murderous pig as an epithet in the neighborhood newsletter.  Again, one CANNOT make this shit up.

This thread began after alerting my “long list” to the dangers of the license plate scanners and who had already been thrown to the wolves by same.  The sig line appearing below the exchanges and photo is the same one I used in the original scanner post.


Life is like that Phil.  Just be glad you didn’t get picked up and sent to Guantanamo cause you knew somebody at some time in your life.  Oh, and by the way I was a community organizer after graduating from law school too.  Yeah we did hang some posters, but mostly we worked hard trying to convince those with power to work with us to make the world we all live in a better place.  It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it.

> It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it.
Not on my nickle or while working to quash my rights.


Hmmm, I wonder did you raise the same objection when they gave up nearly a $trillion to the paper shufflers who had already bilked each other and everyone else out  of nearly that much with nothing to show for it and no accountability?  Or how about the unaccounted for $billions in cash that just disappeared on its way to Iraq?  Hey
how about that cool million of our money that was used to redecorate someone
s office?  Are they on your list of priorities?  Or is it just stuff that might actually do something for someone who really needs it bother you?

All of it’s on my list.

ALL of it.

All the time.

And it still will be when we’re buying groceries with wheelbarrows full of cash because of the hyperinflation we’re about to incur a la the new Weimar Republic we’ve become under the auspices of the endless printing of monies we don’t have to nationalize all private industry.

Capitalism without bankruptcy is like religion without hell, but, now that the talking monkeys who comprise most of the electorate are cool with our becoming national socialists, I guess that doesn’t matter anymore.

Forced altruism is immoral.

Those who enforce the concept of same at the barrel of a gun are nothing more than common criminals.

And, yes, some of us are quite used to these criminals’ unconstitutional actions being championed by legions of worshipers who uniformly think they’re somehow serving the so-called “greater good” — and we’re universally despised for not following the collectivist herd.

Not that any of “us” feel the burning need to be accepted or loved, mind you.  Embracing the notion of some unobtainable utopia coddled in the flaccid bosom of the nanny state ain’t really our cup of tea anymore than it was Franklin’s, Jefferson’s or Rand’s.  Too bad that exactly 534 of the 535 holders of the keys to the kingdom believe their electable future depends on fueling the insipid fantasy of the state equaling salvation.

Thanks all the same, but some of us would rather stand divided than kneel united.


Definition: A title useless humans are given when one
proves that he or she shows absolutely no talent for
anything more constructive than pounding staples into
wooden fences in order to hang notices championing
cutting edge concepts such as “hope” and “change”
without ever actually having a clue what either means.