No Flavor-Aid Required: The Hitler Analogy


What most public school “educated” Americans fail to comprehend is that fascism doesn’t automatically equal dead Jews.

It certainly didn’t in Italy, where Mussolini openly had Jews and homosexuals and gypsies and whathaveyou in his own administration.  Fascism is simply a system of government where “private” ownership of industry is given appropriate lip service after said industry has been nationalized; its means of production, hiring practices, distribution and marketplace 100% controlled by the State.  In point of fact, fascism is to the left of communism on the linear political scale, because the “promise” of communism (never once realized in its actual application, of course) was an equal distribution of wealth rather than the government protecting its chosen corporate few.  In a glorious twist of fascist fate, the inherent favoritism of non-competition in a free marketplace is why Oskar Schindler was able to amass the fortune he did to purchase the lives of so many slaves toiling for the Nazi war machine.

That said, fascism is now America’s system of government because its most fervent supporters have been told the actual term “fascist” only equates specifically to to Hitler, not to his National Socialist movement — Nazism.  Thus, the “revelation” the word has no literal meaning when spoken by anyone not “chosen” to regurgitate the government’s NewSpeak propaganda has become reality to the talking monkeys (the whole of the undereducated American electorate) — a “reality” utterly unsupported by fact.  And, like the Germans and Italians did after they elected their own lower case messiahs, they intellectually and physically defended them tooth and nail until an outside threat to their respective dictators’ powers proved too much to bear; meaning they feared an impending purge upon their armies’ defeat.  But then, hell, hardly any damage at all had been done in the meantime time, right?  No biggie.

And what’s a few eugenicists and racists in an administration modeling itself on the aforementioned system, anyway?

I guess “never again” then doesn’t necessarily translate to “never again” now, especially when everyone’s so happy about not having to operate on a system of constant self-loathing anymore… Except, of course, when it comes to “saving” the planet.  That’s one self-hating hurdle no devoted national socialist can avoid anytime soon, because it’s just sooo cool to be seen in a Prius here in North America — even though its multi-continent mining, transport and construction has the exact same environmental impact as building THREE Challenger II Main Battle Tanks (sans depleted uranium ammunition, naturally).  Remember, it’s the perception of the thought that counts, not its cogency!

Besides, it’s probably just me who doesn’t fully appreciate or comprehend what appears to be such a game-changing victory for social engineering justice.

I’m sure I’ll come around.

I’ll be buying my bread using a wheelbarrow full of devalued currency when I finally do, but I’m sure I’ll come around.

I’m just thrilled that “La-La-La-La-La-La, I’m Not Listening!” is so much easier to sing than our former national anthem.


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