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“All work and no pay didn’t make Phil a dull boy.  No... Really.”
— Phil In The Blank (1959 - 20??)

There is an old Chinese proverb that states: “Genius does what it must. Talent does what it can.”  Not being particularly old or Chinese – not to mention his distinct lack of genius or talent – Phil’s had to settle for a personal philosophy dictated by the not-so-old American proverb: “Celebrity does whatever it can get away with.”  The disturbing contents of this site have been culled from the (now) “e-commerce only” GoPostal.com website for which Phil used to write. Worthy visitor contributions appear under the “Mailed in Blanks” header, but be apprised: This site is intended for a mature (not merely an 18+) audience. *

Philled in Blanks
Random Shots
God Bless Firestone
They actually call themselves “Bikers”
Carnac can kiss my ass
A jury of your peers?
Soylent Green is peeeeeeopllle!
Hate: When you care enough to send your very best
Anonymity: It's not just for the Witness Protection Program anymore
“It’s the end of the world as we know it…”
SCARED STRAIGHT: The Siegfried & Roy IMAX Experience
Sore Loserman to the rescue... AGAIN
Get off the field, bitch!
A kinder, gentler, Apostle’s epistle
‘Rocket’ Spells Doom for Mankind!
What Porno Would Have Us Believe
AMC – TV for Movie Sheeple
No Highs?  No Lows?  Must be Bose!
Buick – The Car That Made America Late
Mailed in Blanks


* This means an audience intelligent enough to understand that, even though hate can be a powerful motivator, one doesn’t have to run right out and do whatever this lampoonery may promote to get one’s name in the paper.  Phil’s already way ahead of you in that department.

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Disgruntled POSTAL Worker

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