Annika Go Home – and Stay There
by Adron McDuffie

Jesus H. Christ.  I bought a TV card so I could watch the news and sports while working on my PC, not to be emotionally touched by the outstanding achievement accomplished by Annika Sorrenstam while she “tested herself” against the greatest golfers in the world and did her part to bridge the gap between men and women and help to make us all equal. — NOT!

As she walked off the 18th green to turn in her +5 Scorecard (more on that in a moment) the commentator said, “Now she can let it all go.”  So I decided to glance at the TV window to see her crying her eyes out.

What the fuck?  What are you crying about?  That you made an ASS out of yourself in front of millions?  This stupid whore had no right to be playing golf in the PGA.

Let me reiterate... P.G.A.  She plays on the L.P.G.A. tour with the rest of the WOMEN – even though most of them look like men.

Has she proved herself worthy on the PGA tour?” the commentator just asked.  The woman announcer replied, “That’s not important.  She did well and just ran out of gas, but who can blame her?”

I can and will.

She had no place there, I said it before.  If she “ran out of gas” because she isn’t used to playing from the REAL tees, then tough shit.  She proved she is not good enough and that she is not a MAN.  I personally don’t think she “ran out of gas.”  What would’ve happened had God decided to show favor to this uppity bitch and she actually made the cut (which she obviously missed, by 5 or 6 strokes I might add)?  Would she have said, “Oh, I’m tired, I can’t go on…”?  No, she wouldn’t have, but that is beside the point.  She wouldn’t have made the cut.

Annika said she “wanted to learn a take back to the LPGA tour.”

Take your stupid womanhood back to the LPGA and stay there.  Whore.  Why does everyone have to be EQUAL?  She, and the rest of the Martha Burke crowd, doesn’t have a dick and two – or one, for that matter – balls between her legs, and therefore should stay where she BELONGS; the L (Ladies) P (Professional) G (Golf) A (Association).
At least she has the common sense and decency to realize she can’t hack it, as she just said that she will NOT try to play on the PGA tour again – that it was a one time thing – and she “wasn’t as tough as she thought she was.”

More like you learned your lesson… Now go make me some eggs, bitch.  Granted, she beat A LOT of men.  Great.  So what?  Who cares?  Most of them don’t ever amount to anything, anyway, and couldn’t beat their way out of a fucking wet paper bag with their “Big Berthas” that only serve as compensation for their “Little Wienies.” [Hey, asshole! I resemble that remark even if I don’t play golf! – Ed.]  Besides that, where was Tiger Woods?  Banging his hot-blonde-white-model-girlfriend is where Tiger was – laughing his ass off at the goddamned atrocity he was witnessing on TV.

Notice how the tourney wasn’t on ESPN or even ESPN 2?  It was on USA for God’s sake.  Needless to say, no one worth a damn thought this fucking circus was worth televising.
So with that, we will bid you adieu.  Maybe she “ran out of gas.”  Maybe she was on the rag.  Maybe she was just “too emotional.”  However, maybe she just isn’t a man and should be happy she can play in the LPGA and that there is such a thing so she doesn’t have to spend her time polishing her husband’s knob—oops, I mean clubs.

Thank you, Lord, for letting it end.  Thank you for not endowing her with “MANLY” powers for the weekend so we don’t have to deal with this shit in any REAL sports like baseball or football any time soon.

Stupid bitches.  They whine and cry about getting beat by men at home then all they want is “EQUALITY” so they can go get beat by men in public.

Blows me the fuck away.


“Woman’s destiny is to be wanton, like the bitch, the she-wolf; she must belong to all who claim her.”
The Marquis de Sade *

* Sorry... Couldn't resist this particular quote on Mr. McDuffie's submission – no pun intended. —  The Blank