Freer Verse
by The Shizity Nit Nit

Ate a box of oxygen,
Fell into a sequined fin
One that followed a dolphin’s tail
Sold up high on a fisherman’s sail

Push your thoughts
    out to the plank
Make them walk
    all weak with strength
Pulling all their insides out
Feelings gone —
An emotional draught

It’s an epiphany
    you can’t escape
A dark black cloud
    you only try to drape

Hear the sneers and
All the shame
Feel it all —
You’re the one to blame

Move yourself
Away from this place
Move away
Far from this fate

Is it all locked?
Do you know
The ill-powered meanings
You wish you controlled?

Anything was here and
Everything is gone
Everything is one
Every lost is found…

            ~ the girl outside ~