Pussies and Sissies and Hippies, Oh My!
by Adron McDuffie

And now, a few words about war, peace, activism, guns and rights – yours and OURS.

I don’t quite understand when our country became populated by sissies and anti-war activists.

The ONLY reason you whining-Liberal pukes have the right to protest ANYTHING (and have many of your other rights as well), is because WE FOUGHT IN WARS!!!

How would you like to live in a police state speaking German or Japanese – or worse – French?

How would you like to be paying taxes to the British Crown and have no access to dental care?

There is something you people don’t get.  You have the right to spout off about your inequalities; your right to express your rights; your right to be a whining-Liberal puke because GOOD men and women fought to attain you those rights.

So when some cocksucker flies a plane into a building and kills Americans, and you go shooting off your mouth about why they did it and how terrible it is that we search for, fight, imprison and hopefully eventually cut the heads off of the people responsible, think about the people that died for your right to be a PUSSY.

Think about the people who were killed by this scum and shut up – unless you plan on thanking those who guaranteed your precious rights by dying for your pathetic ass.

And let me say this about anti-gun activists and the like: You live in a society where you are protected (for the most part) from harm.  You say we don’t need guns and no one should have them.

To you, I say this: You live in the aforementioned society, where you are relatively safe from criminals, because people like me HAVE guns, you dipshit.

We are in no danger of being invaded or illegally occupied or overcome by scumbag criminal or terrorist assholes because any one of “US” would be able to protect our families, our homes, our country, and pathetic little anti-gun, anti-violence, tree-hugging, tofu-eating, vegetarian pussies like you who would shit themselves in a real life-or-death situation.

So thank us, don’t try to take away our guns.  They may be the only thing saving your ass from danger, you stupid-ass sissy.  Try using, understanding, shooting and respecting guns.  Instead of thinking they are EVIL, you may need to protect yourself one day when one of “US” isn’t around with our weapon to do it for you.  It is because of people like you that terrorists think we, the USA, are vulnerable, and believe they can get away with what they did on September 11th!

I assure you… Had this been a country that embraces guns (which it is, no matter what you people think), but didn’t worry about offending pussies like you, those assholes would have never accomplished what they set out to do.  They would have been stopped – stopped DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS, if you will.  SO SHUT UP!

You have the right to be anti-whatever-the-hell-you-want because of us and those of us who died and are dying to protect your pathetic ass, and we have the right to be PRO “you are a pussy” too.  

Va te faire foutre, salope!!  (Yes, it’s French.)  If the above applies to you, then I figured since you were such a sissy – like the goddamned white-flag-waving French – you’d know what it meant.  If you don’t, look it up…
Here, I'll save you the trouble: “Fuck off dirty whore!!”