Ten Years and Fifty-One Days Later

— From an e-mail dated April 18, 2003 —

Nothing's Changed.

The sheep are still grazing on whatever the media feels free to toss them, and “we’re” still here offering bitter herbs to any former sheep willing to listen – not that many will. Most never would, and damn fewer can be bothered with it now. It can’t happen here, remember?

It’s a pastoral scene, the serenity of apathy, but it’s got an eerily familiar look to it.

Of course, not everyone’s been sleeping through the snores of an America already weary of news coverage of a great military victory. ABC News wasn’t snoozing its way through the anniversary. In fact, they threw out their latest hour’s worth of pro-murder propaganda only a few short hours ago when they exploited seven of the victims – again. This latest attempt at rewriting history was so horrifyingly executed that one of those who agreed to be interviewed (just so he could confront one the siege-layers) tooled-up a press release to tell anyone who’d listen that he had been set up and that the premise of the program – the premise that lured him into being interviewed by ABC in the first place – was yet another grotesque lie. Maybe some of the sheep who saw Prime Time Live tonight could too easily disregard this man’s outrage as some form of post-traumatic “sour grapes” (or whatever PC way they sheep would phrase it to purge the brutal sting of reality from their pointless lives), but considering the man’s a sworn Peace Officer in Colorado now, perhaps he’s someone worth listening to.

I’m sure the edited-out answers from five of the others were worth listening to as well, but we’ll never know. Facts are as terrifying to the sheep as they are to the sponsors of such Himmleresque propaganda. It was FACT that kept 60-Minutes from airing the Fed’s own footage of the FBI’s atrocities on Day 51, because they deemed the outcry from the American public would bring down their beloved regime in DC – a regime that was hell-bent on disarming America – so there was no way that footage would ever air, either. The so-called “free” press wasn’t about to have their Number One priority – “gun” control – to be seen for what it always is: the prelude to mass murder. Yet, some of us had been desperately distributing the government’s own video footage of their hired murderers firing into people fleeing a burning church since February of 1995, but the hundreds of media outlets to which Brassroots, Inc., sent the damning videotapes ALL followed CBS’s sterling example…

    …and dutifully sat on the story.

Goebbels would have been so proud. The LIE works. The LIE is infallible. The LIE is the mainstream media’s only religion.

The fact that only seven of the children (who made it out long before the government’s final assault) were willing to appear tonight says a lot for their confidence in having their stories being accurately told… But that's not why I’m writing you today.


I’m writing you today to ask you to go see the motion picture The Pianist on Saturday, April 19th.

I hope you consider that darkened theater your Synagogue, Mosque or Church for the afternoon, because I think that you’ll want to pray that day – especially on that day.

Yes, ten years to the day many Americans finally figured out that the Bonus Marcher “incident” – the Pine Ridge “incident” – the MOVE “incident” – the Ruby Ridge “incident” – weren’t quite as far removed from their reality (from their mostly White American reality) as they were previously led to believe by the media and the government’s crack squads of revisionist historians.

After all – and I’m speaking only to the sheeple, now – those state-sponsored American murders only involved a handful of angry veterans of the First World War; a handful of angry Red Men and Women; a handful of angry Black Men and Women; a handful of angry Whites (a child and a mother), and what’s a few “handfuls” of blood when you have the best interest of the entire blind bucket to serve?

And as for the aforementioned sheeple…

I urge you to go see The Pianist this Saturday, because it’s sixty years to the day a handful of angry Jews said “No!” to legions of black-uniformed slavers. It’s seen through the necessarily limited view of one man’s eyes – much as you would see it were you looking out of your window in Warsaw. It’s a view that may look surprisingly like Main Street, U.S.A.  Of course, it can’t happen here, so you should leave the theater in complete confidence knowing that the people who had been disarmed on the screen were “only” Jews – and Poles and Gypsies and Homosexuals and Communists and – well, they weren’t your neighbors, so why should you give it a second thought?

I do hope you missed tonight’s episode of “Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain” on ABC television, though, as there were an awful lot of “people of color” who were the victims of some black-uniformed troops using tanks, too, and we wouldn’t want you spoiling any preconceived “White American” notion that there were any of those people being gunned down, gassed and burned alive that day.

Seriously, sheeple, don’t you find it much easier dealing with horror when it’s not an American minority being butchered?  Yeah… I thought so.

I am curious, though, would you have bothered to look out your window if it was your neighbors being slaughtered – or who were saying “No!” – in a similar fashion?

Ten years ago this Saturday, you didn’t even have to go to the window… All you had to do was turn on the TV.

Did it make you cringe? Did it make you angry? Did it make you—oh, wait… Those weren’t really your neighbors, were they?

Never mind.

After all, it can’t happen here – even when it does happen here, right? Those weren’t real people fleeing the back of a burning church – the side not being filmed by the media – being machine-gunned… They were those people, and when the facts about how those people’s children died from cyanide inhalation from the “tear” gas the FBI was pouring in (the kind that becomes cyanide when ignited) came to be known, did you feel just a little nauseous looking at the photos of those children’s twisted bodies – twisted because their little spines snapped during the convulsions from breathing the federally approved cyanide toddy? Or was the mere fact that they were only those children (and those children should have chosen better parents than those parents) comforting enough for you to go out and vote for the Murderer’n’Chief who condoned the assault just a few years later?

Interesting… I never knew sheep could rationalize away a wolf in their pasture with such confidence and ease.

Please feel free to graze in ignorant bliss, but be sure to pay extremely close attention to the Eight Year Anniversary television coverage that will temper any and all coverage of a certain Ten Year Anniversary this weekend. Remember: It’s there for your mental health’s protection!

After all, you can't be angry with a culprit – or culprits – if you’re actually sad for another’s victims. And at least it’s on a Saturday, so your children won’t have to be bothered with a silly quiz question about a certain Two-Hundred and Twenty-Eighth Anniversary in school – if there’s any schools left that are still allowed to teach that anniversary anymore.

Oh, and if you’re completely lost at this point because you have NO idea what I’m talking about, you’re someone who’s too far entrenched in the LIE for me to worry about explaining things any further. Besides, just 51-days ago, I wrote you about the political scorn and familial strife this knowledge has caused me over the past decade, so why would you want to bring that burden to your doorstep, anyway?

    ...After all, I’m not your neighbor — am I?


“This is not an assault.”
— FBI Agent Byron Sage to the Branch Davidians on April 19, 1993