Wlado Watches Wallflowers Waking Up

From a private e-mail:

Yeah, well looks like 1984 is coming sooner than we think! Before long they’ll have very aspect of our lives monitored and surveilled!

To which The Blank replied:

London operates three shifts with 18,000 pairs of eyes monitoring JUST that one city’s surveillance cameras, 24/7, 365 — and that information is six years old.

We’re introducing basically the same ballot initiative measure that Nevada used to block its fascists tomorrow, 1.12.09.

Nevada’s read:  NRS 484.910 Use by governmental entity or agent of photographic, video or digital equipment to gather evidence for issuance of traffic citation.  A governmental entity and any agent thereof shall not use photographic, video or digital equipment for gathering evidence to be used for the issuance of a traffic citation for a violation of this chapter unless the equipment is held in the hand or installed temporarily or permanently within a vehicle or facility of a law enforcement agency.

When and if Pima County’s predominantly psycho fascist Democrat majority (we’re rife with refugee Kalifornians and displaced La Raza fuckwads) defeats the measure statewide by spreading their usual fear mongering bullshit, we’ll be ready with Option 3.

Don’t ask what Option 2 is, because it’s still in play.

Remember, too…

…Orwell’s vision only succeeded because the English gave up their means to defend themselves against tyranny a long time ago.

Free Men — Men who do not live in slave states like Hawaii, Kalifornia, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Missouri, New Jersey, Massachusetts and that festering shit-filled swamp known as DC — have not… And we’re willing to give up those groveling gravel pits of human despair to be left the fuck alone.

“He told me the nature of the disease required so sharp a remedy,  and asked me if I would give my consent. I told him yes, in this and what else soever, if he resolved upon it, I would venture my life.”

– Thomas Wintour, Friend of Guy Fawkes