HOPE due for Change

Friends and fellow literates,

I’m sorry to announce that the name of our new organization will have to be changed, because the acronym H.O.P.E. (Honorable Opposition to this President’s Economics) cannot be easily comprehended by our target demographic, as not one of the sheeple who voted for the lower case messiah know that the word “Honor” actually begins with the letter “H” — much less what said word stands for.

My apologies, and my thanks, to all of you for the terrific suggestions and fantastic logos you’ve submitted to date, and I do hope to have a new 501C-3 registration posted by the time of the signing of this president’s new Communists United to Nullify Thoughtful Solutions bill, but, I’m not quite sure what to call ourselves — unless we simply go with “Anti…” or “No More…” or “Don’t Be Fooled By These…” or something equally zippy along the same lines.

The Blank

“I really don’t see how the Obama devotees can ever in future mock
the Moonies, the Scientologists or people who claim to have been
abducted in flying saucers. This is a cult like the one which grew up
around Princess Diana, bereft of reason and hostile to facts.”
– Peter Hitchens
(The Mail columnist and Christopher Hitchens’ brother)