Why I Love My Neurologist

My neurologist is the single coolest doctor I’ve ever had in my life.

No, not because he does stuff like give me drugs under the table or writes me Morning After pill scrips to have on hand “just in case” or for the fact that his job revolves around him having to tell people with my condition that life still — and will continue to — suck(s) or because his wife gives him a brand new gun every Christmas, but because he actually invests a genuine interest in my well being and happiness outside of the confines of his care-giving role.

To that end, please bear witness to what he did for me today…

The following “Note from my Doctor” was generated after telling him about the City of Tucson citing me for a $588.00 parking violation in a handicapped spot WHILST DISPLAYING MY PERMANENTLY DISABLED PARKING PLACARD from the same “early” series for which the State of Arizona had claimed was being made permanent to eliminate unnecessary costs several years ago.  The expression on his face as he pivoted his chair towards the Dell laptop to his right was, quite literally, priceless.

I am copying and retyping this EXACTLY as he’d typed it out — “wanting” grammar, poor punctuation, capitalized emphasis and all — as I sat in the examination room earlier this morning, eliminating only actual names from its contents.



Mr ******* *. ****** is and has been permanently disabled for so long I cannot give an accurate date that this was exactly determined.  HOWEVER, ******* has been PERMANENTLY DISABLED now for several years and his ticket for parking in a disabled parking spot just because of a technicality on expiration of a PERMANENT DISABLED PARKING placard borders on insane and predatory when viewed by those of us who try to understand why such decisions are allowed to stand.  Therefore, since as his board certified neurologist, I am willing to vouch for his longstanding and continued disability, I am hopeful that the court would see fit to excuse his citation.


I mean, is this the slickest “fuck you” from a doctor you’ve ever read in your life, or what?

PS: And since this is my very first blog entry on my own site, I’d like to simply add…

…Welcome to PhilInTheBlank.com